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Trials & Product Development

SCS is the UK’s only independent fertiliser and spreader consultancy specialising in spreading data and analysis.

SCS can help you understand the on-farm spreading capabilities of your products, with a range of the most popular spreaders used across the world, in live field spreading situations.


With this knowledge, you can advise about the suitability of products in conjunction with the spreading requirements of individual customers, resulting in increased levels of application success.


What do you need to know about your fertiliser / pellets?

  • What types of application equipment can it be used with?

  • How does it perform through the most popular spreaders?

  • Can it be spread accurately at the most common spread widths?

  • What is the widest spread width achievable whilst maintaining an accurate spread pattern?

  • How does the product look when handled and what level of dust can the operator expect to see when spreading?

  • Do blended products visibly segregate across the spread width?

  • If so, what width can be achieved before segregation becomes an issue?

SCS offers a range of trials packages, whether you’re simply after machine settings for a variety of widths and application rates, or you want a thorough examination of the fertiliser and how it behaves when spread. Our in-house trials team and data analytics specialists can provide the data you are looking for.

Types of product we often work with

Slug pellets 18.05.09 060.jpg

Agricultural Fertiliser

The most common applicators in the UK are twin disc broadcasters. We have a range of fertiliser spreaders representative of machines used on farm across the UK from manufacturers such as Amazone, Kuhn, KRM, and Kverneland.

Pelleted Fertiliser

Pelleted digester/ food waste is becoming ever more popular as an additional source of fertiliser. SCS can trial the spreading capabilities of new and experimental products aiding in development of a pellet that can be successfully applied through agricultural machinery.

Amenities Fertiliser

We have 20+ different pedestrian spreaders on site, covering the most popular rotary, drop and hand held models used by green keepers and turf professionals, worldwide.

Slug Pellets

Our range of spinning disc slug pellet applicators cover the most common UK machines and are available for new product integrity testing, settings, and competitor analysis.

Our range of machines cover the most common application equipment in the UK.

Fertiliser Spreaders
Amazone - ZA-M, ZA-M Ultra, ZA-V, ZA-TS                           Kuhn - Axis 30.1, Axis 50.1                           KRM - M35 Base Trend

Kverneland - Exacta HL
                                                  Teagle - Centerliner SX               
                 Vicon - PS 03/04

There is no one else in the UK offering this service

Discuss your requirements

SCS can tailor trials to suit your requirements. Get in touch to speak with Charlotte and see how we can help on your product development journey.

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"With the evolution of fertilisers and spreading technology, it is important to be up to date and efficient in the field. We have used SCS for many years and recommend them for consistently providing a reliable and efficient service to us and our customers."

Alison Schofield - Thomas Bell Fertilisers  

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